A passionate Deputy Quality Manager from UK

Ben Lomas-Milne has been working at NCAB Group UK since 2015. He started out as a Quality Assistant and has now become a Deputy Quality Manager. Before he began at NCAB he was working in an assembly factory for seven years.

What persuaded you to start working at NCAB? What attracted you the most?

The job at NCAB was a step up from what I was doing before. I wanted more responsibility and work with people who were as passionate about electronics as I was.

What do you like most about working at NCAB Group?

In my third month at NCAB, I was sent to China to visit factories. This proved to me that NCAB UK trusted me with the responsibility to represent our company even though I was still going through the On-boarding process! This highlighted to me that they follow their values!

How can you describe the culture within the NCAB Group, and the contact with your colleagues?

The culture we have here is trust and praise. I feel like I’m valued, challenged, trusted, and every day for me is different.
"By taking full responsibility by overturning an issue we take the worry away from the customer."
Ben Lomas-Milne about how the NCAB Group work makes a difference for the customers.

How can you describe the education and development possibilities within the NCAB Group?

I’ve attended an external auditing course, internal training with the engineers, been to a Technicians course in Copenhagen and visited factories in China in the last three years.

Sustainability is an important part of NCAB´s business – in what way does the sustainability work affect your daily work?

Sustainability comes to mind within quality control and does focus on the personnel within the factories. The fact that individuals will perform much better when happy within their working environment than someone who is just a number. Sustainability is to ensure that our suppliers follow the same values as us.

How would you say that your work makes a difference for the NCAB customers?

When there’s an issue, we involve the customer and immediately set about eradicating and resolving any issues. By taking full responsibility by overturning an issue we take the worry away from the customer.

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