Managing finances and focusing on growth

“I’m very much looking forward to the opportunities the future will bring. We have moved from a position with a very strong Nordic focus to a presence in all the important European markets.”

Anders Forsén, The CFO of NCAB Group
Anders Forsén, The CFO of NCAB Group
NCAB Group’s CFO, Anders Forsén, has many years of experience in different financial positions in a number of companies. This includes working at Scandic Hotels for 10 years and, prior to joining the NCAB Group, he was in charge of international mergers & acquisitions and business development within the telecom sector at TietoEnator.

So, with this background, how come that you started to work for NCAB Group?
“I was contacted by a headhunter and after some interesting meetings I gained an insight into the company and its strong business concept, market opportunities and its nice people. I was delighted to be given the opportunity to start working for NCAB. I must admit that when I first got the call I didn´t have a clue what a PCB was!”

Tieto Enator, where you worked before, had 15.000 employees and NCAB Group have 308, what do you think is the advantages of working in a smaller company?
“ I think that one of the benefits is that we can make quick decisions and implement new ideas fast. It is very exciting to be part of a developing and growing company – that creates a lot of challenges and maybe some sleepless nights, but it’s much more fun than working for a non-growing company, and I’m very proud of our market position and the way we have developed the NCAB Group.”

What does your job involve?
“A lot of interesting parts. My two main responsibilities are finance and international expansion. Within the finance area I’m responsible for the financial set up and reporting, including monthly consolidation, budget reports etc. The other part is to support our international expansion through setting up / acquiring new companies and securing our growth map to become Number One. I’m really looking forward to the opportunities the future will bring. I strongly believe we have very good growth opportunities in our new markets and that our size in itself will support growth and attract new customers. It´s a privilege to work in a company with such an open atmosphere and decentralized decisions. I also like the international atmosphere very much, and the huge variety of nationalities we have in the NCAB Group.”