A service-minded engineer with focus on quality

”It´s an interesting and challenging job with a lot of problem solving and customer focus,” says Cathy Wang, Quality Engineer at the NCAB Group in China.

Cathy Wang, Quality Engineer, NCAB Group China
Cathy Wang, Quality Engineer, NCAB Group China

Cathy’s six years in the PCB manufacturing industry have given her an eye for good quality in PCBs.
“Previously I was working as a Manufacturing Engineer and was responsible for checking and auditing the PCBs manufacturing instructions for the customer´s Gerber data. I had to deal with queries from engineers and provide customers with logical advice, as well as resolve production problems and arrange staff training on manufacturing technologies. I learned a lot about the importance of good quality in PCBs.”

Now, as a Quality Engineer at the NCAB Group in China, her experience in manufacturing PCBs comes in very useful.
“I’m responsible for preparing quality control tools and providing monthly quality tendancy analyses and follow ups. I also produce quality improvement and implementation plans, and handle customers’ complaints. Every month, I have factory meetings to improve quality performance and do annual audits for major factories. I review end-customers’ general specifications and periodically update PSL and UL status.”

When she decided to work for the NCAB Group, what attracted her wasn´t only the company’s reputation for the high quality of its products, but also NCAB’s employee policies.
“I wanted to work for a company that takes a lot of interest in its employees. The NCAB Group has a corporate culture that creates career opportunities and a positive atmosphere. Team spirit is high and everybody is hard working and willing to share their knowledge, which is very stimulating.”