With an eye for growth and customer relations

Helen Bicknell, Key Account Manager at the NCAB Group UK has fifteen years experience in the PCB Industry. She was one of the first employees in the UK branch.

Helen Bicknell, Key Account Manager, NCAB Group UK
Helen Bicknell, Key Account Manager, NCAB Group UK

“Over the past 5 years I started to become more aware of the NCAB Group, and I knew that even though they had not yet established themselves within the UK, they were extremely strong within the rest of Europe and were Europe’s largest PCB producer. Once it was confirmed that the NCAB Group was looking to target the UK market and establish a local company, I was immediately interested.”

So far Helen has not regretted her decision to join the NCAB Group, and her daily work as a Key Account Manager is challenging and varied.
“ I enjoy the variety that my role offers, and the daily challenge of increasing sales and profits. I thrive on personal success and my role within the organisation offers this. Also the NCAB Group is an extremely professional company to work for, and the opportunities that they can offer are very rewarding. My personal career path is very clearly mapped out and a huge incentive.”

You work as a Key Account Manager, what does your job involve?
“It involves targeting and securing new businesses, setting and achieving annual budgets, visiting a set number of customers each month, providing customer quotations and following these up. Also providing detailed, comprehensive customer presentations.”

Since the NCAB Group has companies around the world, the importance of a common corporate culture is essential. How do you look at this?
“Every employee respects and acknowledges the significance of the company values, and therefore this makes NCAB a happy place to work. Everyone is a team player and very professional. There is a strong ethos to achieve great things and to move the company forward.”

What do you think is the greatest challenge in your role now and in the future?
“The greatest challenges currently, are seeking out potential customers, securing meetings with these and ultimately converting them into trading customers. Also at present we have many challenges regarding pricing levels with our competitors.
In the future I hope that with the experience and knowledge I bring to the NCAB Group, I can achieve a high level of new sales and convert all new business. By focusing on a strategy where I target the correct customer profile for our business, and do not deviate, all new revenue levels should increase. The more I concentrate on securing the correct customer for the UK local company, then I truly believe the more successful we will be.”