The master of PCB technology

Do you want to learn anything about PCBs and technology?
Then you should talk to Kenneth.

Kenneth Jonsson, Technical Manager, NCAB Group Sweden
Kenneth Jonsson, Technical Manager, NCAB Group Sweden
The Swedish Technical Manager, Kenneth Jonsson, is thoroughly experienced. With a background of 10 years in a PCB factory and knowledge from working at nearly every stage of the PCB production process, he knows all that you need to know about PCBs.

“When I joined the NCAB Group, I was challenged by the task of being the person responsible for technical matters and by the opportunity to work with PCB factories in the Far East. As technical Manager in Sweden, my job is extremely varied. It includes everything from making and checking new data, to helping the sales team with selecting the best-fit factories. I also work very closely with many designers and offer advice on cost reduction, DFM, material selection, impedance calculation, etc. Sometimes the NCAB Group gives technical seminars, which I also take part in.”

What Kenneth likes most about his job is the contact with customers and designers. Another thing he finds very satisfying is to be able to give advice that helps solve a tricky problem or improve a product.
“The atmosphere at the NCAB Group is great and the team spirit is high. We have fun at work and everyone knows our values and works towards the same goal.”