Keeping the customers up to date in the south of Germany

Oktay Can is a Key Account Manager with responsibility for the southern region of Germany. He enjoys his role and thinks it as a privilege to work with the NCAB customers.
Oktay Can, Key Account Manager, NCAB Group Germany

”The greatest challenge in my role is that every customer is unique and every company has different requirements. This means we must be flexible, especially in such a competitive market like Germany. We always have to be one step better than our competitors. Especially when it comes to service and quality. Our customers need to feel that they can rely on NCAB.”

What does your job involve?
“Together with my colleagues at Customer Support and the engineers in our office I am responsible for ensuring that our customers receive top service, at the lowest total cost, on time with zero defects. Besides that I´m looking for opportunities to engage new customers to NCAB Group. For me personally, the relationship with our customers is a priority activity.”

Oktay Can thinks that the NCAB Group culture is very relaxed and familiar.
“Decisions are made independently and the hierarchy is extremely flat. We are very familiar with each other and I also find the cohesion in the team simply outstanding.” When it comes to education all companies within the NCAB Group meet once a year to improve themselves through the NCAB Group Academy. Besides this the local companies have there own training in different areas. “In Germany we have ongoing technical training courses every week, held by our Technical Manager. We learn about the latest technology and growing requirements of our customers, but also innovations in the technical area. To our customers we offer technical seminars for free, to show them new opportunities and to raise their technology knowledge.”

So, how do you see the future or your next step within NCAB Group?
“I think we can grow much in Germany, considering that we are only six years young in this market. Globally, the NCAB Group has achieved much over the last 20 years. If one asks me, we will expand steadily, in new markets and new countries, wherever our customers are. As our Factory Management also will remain steady where our factories are, maybe one day we will have several Factory Management organizations. And within my role I will do my best for this to happen.”