Customer report

We propose and agree an agenda for regular review meetings with you and provide facts, company updates and KPI’s which provide an overview of our performance. How did the last quarter deliveries go? Have there been any claims and how did we solve them? These are just some of the questions that you and your team will find the answers to in the Periodic Customer Report follow-ups implemented by the KAM. This is just one of our ways of taking responsibility for the entire PCB supply chain process.

We are no better than our latest delivery

Depending on how often and how much information you require, we adapt our reports to your needs.



  1. Delivery performance – we measure delivery accuracy and quality
  2. Service level – we measure parameters which include, order confirmation accuracy, speed of response to quotations etc
  3. Sharing news, new products, customers, organisation, etc
  4. News from the NCAB Group, personnel, and technology, factories, etc
  5. Following up large project bids
  6. Summarising and analysing activities agreed from the previous meeting
  7. Claims, causes, corrective actions and remedies implemented
  8. Business intelligence, e.g. leadtime information, raw materials prices, availability of components
  9. Invoicing/sales during the past quarter as well as the last 12 months
  10. Summary
  11. The next step
  12. The next meeting