Our way of conducting sustainability audits

by Anna Lothsson, Sustainability Manager - NCAB Group

Conducting audits is an important part of our quality and sustainability work. We make a point of having the audits conducted by our local employees. It helps us to get the true picture, put relevant demands on sustainability performance and collaborate with our production partners.


Here is our audit process, in brief:

Normally it takes two days to complete the full sustainability audit, and one day to do the follow-up audit. Every audit is done on factory site in accordance with a detailed template comprised of six parts:

  • Management System
  • Human Rights
  • Labour and Working Conditions
  • Health and Safety
  • Environment
  • Business Ethics


1 OPENING MEETING to explain the aim of the audit, why it is important, processes and how reporting is done. The meeting is attended by the factory’s management and sustainability representatives.


2 REVIEWING DOCUMENTS and records covering policies, management systems, training plans and attendee lists, time sheets, payrolls, insurances, accidents/incidents reports, list of regulations etc.


3 FACTORY TOUR where we check fire protection systems and equipment, emergency exits, personal protection equipment, hazardous chemical handling, hazardous waste handling, wastewater/air handling, the canteen, dormitory etc.


4 EMPLOYEE INTERVIEWS focusing on obtaining a more in-depth picture of working conditions at the factory.


5 CLOSING MEETING summing up the findings to give factory management a clear picture of what they are expected to improve and why, and the steps they need to take after the audit.

Closing meeting audit


6 THE AUDIT REPORT includes results and findings for each of the six areas. Factory’s management is given time to review the report and respond with corrective actions plan.


7 FOLLOW-UP AUDITS on-site to review implementation and the result of the corrective measures within six months.

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