Le reti 5G sono arrivate

Il passaggio alla nuova generazione di comunicazioni mobili 5G è già iniziato in Asia e negli Stati Uniti. L'esperto di Samsung Chris Shu raccomanda a tutte le aziende di esaminare più da vicino ciò che questa rivoluzione può significare in termini di nuove opportunità e di adottare un nuovo approccio mentale.

Sustainable Operations – a strategic priority

Five years have passed since NCAB Group started to apply a sustainability strategy which introduced principles to ensure the company conducted its business in a sustainable fashion. This newsletter looks at the significance of that move for NCAB, its employees and customers.

The electronics industry in Europe – Yesterday, today and tomorrow

NCAB has a presence in many major markets across Europe. So, in this issue of our newsletter, we will be focusing on the electronics industry in Europe. We will be tracing developments to date and looking ahead to developments going forward. We asked Jon Barrett, chief editor of the electronic magazine Electronic Sourcing, to share […]

A better future – when technology contributes towards a sustainable society

Technology and electronics are often associated with overconsumption, ever increasing electronic waste and a detrimental impact on the environment. But today we are seeing that advancements in technology are also contributing towards building a more sustainable, resource efficient society for the future. DOWNLOAD PDF (ENGLISH UK VERSION) » DOWNLOAD PDF (ENGLISH US VERSION) » NEWSLETTER […]

Factory management – how to get the optimum out of a PCB factory

NCAB Group has a strong presence in China. This to ensure their production is geared towards producing the best possible quality PCBs. The task is extensive and many faceted, includes being present in the factories, having dedicated NCAB focused teams among factory staff and carrying out regular audits and other follow-ups. DOWNLOAD PDF (ENGLISH UK […]

Sustainable business - at every stage

The NCAB Group has embraced a sustainability strategy since 2014, this means that they have seen the company commit to a responsible approach in every aspect of its operations - socially, environmentally and ethically.