Factory Management organization

The NCAB group has a highly decentralized organization. Customers have direct contact to locally based decision makers which enables efficient and accurate customer support. The factory management team are based near or at the factories, are fluent in local languages, dialects and are also English speaking. All NCAB Group companies are linked with a common Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP) with common processes.


  • Order acknowledgement and shipping documents
  • Order follow-up for on-time delivery
  • Supporting Factory Supervisor at factory meetings (lead time, NCAB Group turnover, DP)
  • Focus on improving performance within Logistics, (DIP, Delivery Improvement Plan)


  • Sourcing project leader
  • Market watch report
  • Factory database


  • Has overall responsibility for his/her factories
  • Handles relationship, collaboration and status issues with the factory
  • Implements contracts/agreements
  • Handles quality complaints issues with the factory
  • Carries out preventive actions (mini audits, etc.) according to the factory’s quality improvement plan
  • Takes corrective measures by following-up annual audits,quality complaints and mini audits
  • Coordinates monthly/bi-monthly factory management meetings


  • Audit
  • Review 8D report/CAR of quality complaint
  • Quality trends on complaints/processes/outgoing shipments in the factory
  • Review and update PSL and UL in the factory
  • Monthly review of quality status, actions and results in the factory with the Factory Supervisor.
  • Focus on improving performance within Quality Assurance, (QIP, Quality Improvement Plan)

5. CAM

  • Article control (checking spec./Gerber)
  • EQ handling (EQ=Engineering Question)
  • NCAB Group specification and ECN handling
  • Panel drawing