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2017 08 06  |  NCAB GROUP BLOG
With Finland to China - dinner
2017 05 03  |  NCAB GROUP BLOG
2016 10 11  |  NCAB GROUP BLOG
This article has been published in the October 2016 edition of the magazine “Printed Circuit Design & Fab Circuits Assembly” and is a response to Greg Papadrew´s column “Shortening the supply chain” published in the same magazine in August 2016. READ MORE »
2016 04 27  |  NCAB GROUP BLOG
2015 12 10  |  NCAB GROUP BLOG
2015 09 22  |  NCAB GROUP BLOG
2015 08 24  |  NCAB GROUP BLOG
2015 08 13  |  NCAB GROUP BLOG
2015 06 24  |  NCAB GROUP BLOG
Financial gurus, more often giving contradictory advice than the other way around. Meteorologists, telling us very vague and disclaimed weather forecasts. NCAB Group Sweden future study in 2014 not even considering 3D printing as an important factor within the nearest 5 years. So how can future studies be of any use at all if it’s […] READ MORE »
2015 05 22  |  NCAB GROUP BLOG
When all this is in place customers can focus more on factors such as; problems solving, detect mistakes in Gerber files, design support, 8D reports, response time, product mix, (to shrink no of suppliers) and sustainable business. The list can be long and it will grow as time goes by. So the question is, can […] READ MORE »

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