Safety critical

Industries we serve

Alarm and safety solutions are becoming increasingly sophisticated, based on a long lifecycle and dependability. AI and video-based detection brings new challenges to solve. Please see below for a selection of applications we serve.

  • Emergency communication systems

    PCBs for elevator emergency communication and lighting equipment. Demands are typically (thin) board thicknesses and high performance white soldermask to increase light efficiencies.

    PCB Technology for Emergency communication systems

  • Fire detection

    PCBs for fire detection systems for schools, manufacturing plants and airplanes including sensors, control units, sirens or communication/alarm distribution. Demands are typically high temperature, shock resistance and good soldermask coverage.

    PCB Technology for Fire detection

  • Fire protection systems

    PCBs for fire alarm control panels and systems. Demands are high reliability with a particular focus on good soldermask coverage.

    PCB Technology for Fire protection systems

  • Gas detection

    PCBs for gas detection: threshold sensitive vapor sensors, control units, siren command central and communication/alarm distribution. Demands are typically low power consumption, size constraints, complex design and a long service life. For combustible gases, EX/ATEX-classification applies.

    PCB Technology for Gas detection

  • Traffic incident detection systems

    PCBs for smart highway, tunnel and bridge monitoring and information systems. Demands are typically service life, high frequency and hybrid stack-ups.

    PCB Technology for Traffic incident detection systems