HDI- 高密度互联 PCB

NCAB 制造 HDI 电路板已有 20 多年历史,我们的工厂对生产不同市场应用的HDI 板有着丰富的经验。这些工厂与我们设在世界各地的技术机构密切合作,对成功的 HDI 产品的要求和制造方法有着全面的知识。NCAB 集团的技术支持从 HDI PCB 的设计阶段开始,为设计团队提供制造技术和经验,以提高制造能力和降低产品总成本。我们的 20% 全球销售来自 HDI 部分,因此我们得以吸引到世界上最好的工厂。我们可以管理当地新产品导入和快速交付设计验证,无缝投入在离岸工厂的批量生产,提供了把新产品快速推向市场的合理高效流程。
8L HDI – materials: FR-4 Shengyi S-1000-2; finished thickness: 1.60mm +/- 10%; BGA size: 0.25mm; line width and space: 0.10/0.10 mm; surface treatment: ENIG; features: fine pitch, copper filled via technology
4L HDI – materials: Shengyi S1000-2; surface treatment: ENIG; solder mask color: black; features: epoxy hole fill, copper hole fill, BGA
6L HDI – material: standard FR-4 ITEQ IT-158; board thickness: 1.60mm +/- 10%, BGA size: 0.30 mm, line width and space: 0.10/0.10mm; surface treatment: ENIG
8L HDI – materials: FR-4; board thickness: 2.00mm; hole size: 0.20mm; aspect ratio: 10:1, copper thickness inner and outer layers: 35/35 μm; line width and space: 0.9/0.9mm; surface treatment: ENIG; features: fine pitch BGA, controlled impedance
16L HDI – materials: FR-4 ITEQ IT-180A; finished board thickness: 1.75mm, surface treatment: ENIG; features: solder mask plugging, controlled impedance, control depth routing, blind and buried via structures: Layers 1-2, 2-15, 15-16; technical specification: industry control.
6L HDI – materials: FR-4; board thickness: 0.60mm; hole size: 0.10mm; aspect ratio: 6:1; inner and outer layer copper; 35/35 μm; line width and space: 0.076mm/0.076mm; surface treatment: ENIG; features: BGA pad size 0.2mm, copper wrap plating

HDI PCBs - Technical specification


Feature NCAB´s technical specification
Number of layers 4 - 22 layers standard, 30 layers advanced
Technology highlights Multilayer boards with a higher connection pad density than standard boards, with finer lines/spaces, smaller via holes and capture pads allowing microvias to only penetrate select layers and also be placed in surface pads.
HDI builds 1+N+1, 2+N+2, 3+N+3,4+N+4, any layer in R&D
Materials FR4 standard, FR4 high performance, Halogen free FR4, Rogers
Copper weights (finished) 18μm - 70μm
Minimum track and gap 0.075mm / 0.075mm
PCB thickness 0.40mm - 3.20mm
Maxmimum dimensions 610mm x 450mm; dependant upon laser drilling machine
Surface finishes available OSP, ENIG, Immersion tin, Immersion silver, Electrolytic gold, Gold fingers
Minimum mechanical drill 0.15mm
Minimum laser drill 0.10mm standard, 0.075mm advanced