IMS -绝缘金属基板 PCB

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IMS -绝缘金属基板 PCB

NCAB 已批准的一些工厂是此领域的专家,这些工厂专注于 IMS 产品,服务于汽车、医疗、航空航天、照明应用和工业控制等行业。IMS PCB 市场份额增长迅速,我们的产量每月增加。


MPCB – materials: Bergquist/HT-07006 A1:5052; solder mask: Tamura/DSR-2200 TT 31DX; board thickness: 1.85mm +/- 10%; copper thickness: 3oz; surface treatement: LF HASL; description: power products

IMS PCBs – Technical specification

FeatureNCAB´s technical specification
Number of layers1 – 4 layers
Technology highlightsEffective heat sink solutions for thermal applications. This construction type enables superior heat dissipation through use of either aluminium or copper substrate bonded to the insulated circuitry through thermal pre-preg or resin systems.
MaterialsAluminium & copper plates. FR-4, PTFE, thermal dielectrics.
Dielectric thickness0.05mm – 0.20mm
Thermal conductivity1-12 W/m/K
Profile methodPunching, Liquid cooled routing
Copper weights (finished)35μm – 140μm
Minimum track and gaps0.10mm / 0.10mm
Metal core thickness0.40mm – 3.20mm
Maxmimum dimensions550mm x 700mm
Surface finishes availableHASL, LF HASL, OSP, ENIG, Imersion tin, Immsersion silver
Minimum mechanical drill0.30mm
Minimum laser drill0.10mm standard, 0.075mm advanced