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IMS – Insulated
Metal Base PCBs

NCAB has approved factories that are specialists in this field, with plants dedicated to IMS – Insulated Metal Base PCBs. This segment is growing rapidly and supporting sectors including automotive, medical, aerospace, lightning applications and industrial controls.

New opportunities with insulated metal substrate

For greater amounts of energy or local thermal loads, e.g in modern constructions with high intensity LEDS, IMS technology can be used. The abbreviation, IMS, stands for “Insulated Metal Substrate.” This is a PCB built on a metal plate – normally aluminium – on which a special prepreg is applied, the primary qualities of which are an excellent capacity for heat dissipation and great dielectric strength against high voltages. 

The advantages of IMS PCBs for heat dissipation

An IMS PCB can be designed with a very low thermal resistance. If, for example, you compare a 1.60 mm FR4 PCB to an IMS PCB with a 0.15 mm thermal prepreg, you may well find the thermal resistance is more than 100 times that of the FR4 PCB. In standard FR4 products, it is very difficult to dissipate a large amount of heat away from components.

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We also host seminars about IMS  – Thermal management, how to calculate and design IMS boards. What alternatives are there to IMS boards?

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IMS - Insulated metal base PCB
MPCB – materials: Bergquist/HT-07006 A1:5052; solder mask: Tamura/DSR-2200 TT 31DX; board thickness: 1.85mm +/- 10%; copper thickness: 3oz; surface treatement: LF HASL; description: power products
FeatureNCAB´s technical specification
Number of layers1 – 4 layers
Technology highlightsEffective heat sink solutions for thermal applications. This construction type enables superior heat dissipation through use of either aluminium or copper substrate bonded to the insulated circuitry through thermal pre-preg or resin systems.
MaterialsAluminium & copper plates. FR-4, PTFE, thermal dielectrics.
Dielectric thickness0.05mm – 0.20mm
Thermal conductivity1-12 W/m/K
Profile methodPunching, Liquid cooled routing
Copper weights (finished)35μm – 140μm
Minimum track and gaps0.10mm / 0.10mm
Metal core thickness0.40mm – 3.20mm
Maxmimum dimensions550mm x 700mm
Surface finishes availableHASL, LF HASL, OSP, ENIG, Imersion tin, Immsersion silver
Minimum mechanical drill0.30mm
Minimum laser drill0.10mm standard, 0.075mm advanced