Welcome Peter Kruk – new CEO of NCAB Group

After 17 years as CEO of NCAB Group, Hans Ståhl will retire from his position October 1st and Peter Kruk will be the new CEO as previously announced. We thank Hans for his successful years at NCAB and welcome Peter to his new position. Hans Ståhl has a long career in the PCB business – […]

Understanding White PCB Solder Mask for LED Lighting Applications

  One example in particular is lighting applications. Found in vehicles, city infrastructure and warehouses, LED lighting is developing into a nuanced application that seeks to bring precise brightness and color for the perfect aesthetic. When it comes to lighting, the PCB can be the difference between a clean white glow in a room, or […]

Welcome to NCAB Group webinars

NCAB Group offers various webinars in different languages. Below you will find a list of the webinars we run at the moment.

The road to sustainable operations

MORE ARTICLES ON THIS TOPIC: Many businesses and organizations around the world claim that they are striving to achieve sustainability. But what is sustainability work all about in practice and how can businesses get to a point where they are making a real difference? In this issue, we will be discussing this with two specialists […]

Chinese Mid-Autumn festival and National day

This year the Chinese Mid-Autumn festival and National day takes place during the same week; 1st – 7th October.   Since these holidays can affect the production in China in various degrees we always prepare action-plans together with our factories to find different ways of working around any disruptions. Together with NCAB Group, plan your […]

Soft cost drivers in PCB production

[This blog post is also available in German] Soft cost drivers – an important factor That reason is whether your role is managerial, commercial or technical there is a good chance that you have an interest in ensuring that the printed circuit boards you are purchasing, designing or assembling are as efficient as they can […]

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