PCB design guidelines

Nothing impacts the cost and quality of a printed circuit board (PCB) as significantly as the initial PCB layout and design. In today’s world, electronic products are expected to deliver increasingly advanced features while becoming smaller in size. This places greater demands on the PCB layout and design, making it more crucial than ever to make informed choices during the design stage. To ensure a successful start, we have compiled our PCB design guidelines, which serve as a comprehensive checklist.

Design guidelines for Multilayer PCB, HDI PCB, Ultra HDI PCB, Flex / Rigid-Flex PCBs, Semi-Flex PCB, Copper coin and Stackups and Impedances are available for download.

Our design guidelines in brief

More than 30% of the Gerber data packs we receive contain issues. This generally includes ambiguous information, errors, design rule conflicts, missing information and contradictions between the data and specifications. Use our PCB design guidelines as a checklist and wherever possible, we always recommend that you involve your PCB producer as early as possible at the design stage.

Please note – When using a combination of parameters, it is vital you always consult your local NCAB technical contact person.

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