Our vision

The number 1 PCB producer – wherever we are

Our vision is simple. Although size provides the leverage that is important to us, being number one doesn’t necessarily mean being the biggest.

In our case, number one also means being able to lead the market in terms of expertise, quality of service, sustainability, technology, etc. Being number one attracts not only the best customers, with the most attractive and important projects, but also the best factories.

What’s more, an NCAB Group that is at the forefront of the market will attract the best personnel. We can only gain true customer advantage if we have the necessary momentum, that’s why we only establish ourselves in markets where we know we can act as the number 1 PCB producer.

What we do

We produce PCBs for demanding customers

Our ongoing goal is to assist our customers achieve the best possible time to market and competitive advantage by producing printed circuit boards in a sustainable way at the lowest total cost through our competence, delivery accuracy and product quality.