PCB design checklist

When your PCB has been designed you probably want to start the production right away. But take some time to first take a look and make sure the critical areas of the design are covered.

Our design checklist in brief

Is your solder mask larger than the component pad? Have you considered any possible mechanical assembly problems using a 3D model of the assembly? To help you with this, we created the PCB design checklist. This checklist can aid you in your own design work. Alongside our PCB design guidelines, this will provide a total solution to further help you get it right from the start.

As always, you can reach out to NCAB’s technical team if there are any questions on this, or anything having to do with your PCB design.

PCB design checklist

  • Component Packaging
  • Placement Check
  • Mechanical Check
  • Technical Check
  • Constraint Rules
  • Routing Check
  • Timing Design
  • Power Design Check
  • DRC Check
  • Test Pin
  • Silkscreen Check
  • Gerber Review

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