Manufacturing many different types of PCBs in smaller series (High-mix, Low-volume) involves constantly adjusting, adapting and problem solving. That’s why NCAB is a decentralized organization with local companies taking full responsibility for their customer relationships.

NCAB Group world map

On hand to support the companies as they grow their operations are our specialists at NCAB’s Group Functions. This way of working allows the local companies to focus their time and resources on you as a customer. Also, in order to ensure production quality and maximize factory performance, we have our own Factory Management teams onsite at the factories.

Local companies facilitate PCB purchases

Our goal is to provide you PCBs with zero defects, on time. Each local company operates as an autonomous financial unit, with full responsibility for its own results. This makes for a high degree of customer commitment and service. You have a direct line to decision makers and technical support who understand your requirements, products and production processes.

Maximizing factory results through Factory Management

Reliable PCBs are created through having the right designs produced in the right factory. Our onsite teams at our carefully selected factories continuously monitor and work to improve all aspects of production. In our main factories, teams are handpicked and trained to work exclusively on the production of PCBs for NCAB. This systematic approach maximizes the factories’ performance.

Group Functions create a structure for growth

Group Functions comprises a team of specialists who work globally across the organization, developing and optimizing our systems, processes and markets. Just like the local companies, they work according to NCAB’s common values. In addition, they are continuously improving the factories we work with by helping them develop their quality and sustainability work.