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Implementation of the fifth generation, 5G, is in the making where IoT, AI and hi-res content are constantly driving the demand for higher speed and bandwidths. Some of the challenges within the telecom sector are signal integrity, bandwidth and cybersecurity. Please see below for a selection of applications we serve.

Selection of applications we serve

5G antennas

PCBs for all-in-one integrated 5G communication antenna modules. Demands are typically thorough material selection, stack-up and rugged constructions.

PCB Technology

Distribution systems

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PCBs for high-speed switches, opto-electrical conversion, RF amplifiers, rugged power supplies and lightning protection. Demands are typically heat management, signal integrity and high speed.

PCB Technology

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The Current Material Situation

Due to an increased demand for advanced materials to support the growth in 5G applications, many laminate manufacturers have increased the production and output of high-performance or high-speed material at the expense of standard performance materials. The current situation is having a negative effect on the supply of standard performance material (low-to-mid Tg). The consequence […]