Sustainable business

Sustainable business

Sustainable business
– our responsibility

Our focus is on creating value for our stakeholders and taking responsibility throughout our value chain. This approach helps us to identify opportunities to drive positive change and minimize negative impact. Together with our suppliers and customers we want to create a more sustainable industry with growth and profitability for all. We believe that strong relationships and transparency are key to achieving this.

Sustainability Report 2022 | NCAB Group

Gold Medal for our sustainability work

We scored overall 73 out of 100 which places us amongst the top 5 percent of the 85,000 companies globally that have been rated by EcoVadis, and top 3 percent in the Manufacture of electronic components and boards industry.

EcoVadis assesses a company’s sustainability management through its policies, actions and results. It focuses on 21 sustainability criteria through four main categories: Environment, Labor rights, Ethics and Sustainable Procurement, based on publicly available information. Our highest performing sustainability assessment themes were Sustainable Procurement and Ethics.

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Our commitments

Sustainability audit in a factory | NCAB Group

Supply Chain

Full responsibility throughout the supply chain.

One of our employees - Roberta D Reis | NCAB Group


Attract, engage and develop the best people.

Customer seminar during electronica 2022 | NCAB Group


Steer the sector in a green direction.

The garden of on of the factories we use | NCAB Group

Guided by our sustainability strategy

Sustainability achievements

Our vision is to be “The number 1 PCB producer wherever we are“. In 2022, we continued our challenging and important sustainability journey together with our customers, factories and employees. Here are some examples of our actions and achievements during that year:

  • Implementing our updated our sustainability strategy
  • Climate impact mapping to set action plan and targets for reduction of GHG emissions
  • Continued our sustainability audit programme in factories
  • Improved factories’ conditions on health and safety, and working conditions, and environmental performance
  • High quality performance – 99.6% – continued developing our quality processes and performance to minimize scrap
  • Continued focus on employee competence development, specifically sales, technology and onboarding of new employees
  • Customer seminars and internal training continued online, reaching out to more customers and employees
  • Our employees around the world contributed to society with their Give Back Day

  • 26 webinars and seminars and 1500 participants  – Design for Manufacturing, Sustainability, Quality assurance and more – our experts sharing our knowledge and expertise to support sustainable product development
  • Continued supporting customers in the design phase – design guidelines for different types of PCBs available for download on our website
  • Technical Council established – for technology leadership and a more sustainable PCB
  • Climate impact – targets and activities set to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in Scope 1 and Scope 2.
  • More data was collected in Scope 3. Dialogue and activities were started with suppliers and customers to jointly strive to reduce emissions in the value chain.


High-quality performance


Sustainability audited main factories


Score for sustainability in customer satisfaction survey


Customer Satisfaction Index


Employee Engagement Index

Sustainable business - Sustainability report - spread | NCAB Group

All our sustainability documents

Code of conduct, ISO, REACH, RoHS, TSCA and Conflict Mineral Policys.

Anna Lothsson, Sustainability Manager NCAB Group

Curious about our sustainability work?

Don´t hesitate to contact us if you would like to know more about our sustainability work.

NCAB Group whistleblower function

If employees of NCAB Group or other stakeholders discover serious irregularities or misconceptions that violate our Code of Conduct, we want them to feel confident about reporting this. We have thus set up a whistle blower function, involving an external party to whom employees can turn. Their issue is then anonymous and passed on to the NCAB Group’s investigative function.