You will find a list of useful and informative practical support documents for download here within technology, sustainability and quality. If you have other questions or feel that a specific topic hasn’t been covered then please contact NCAB and we will be happy to assist. 

PCB Design tools

Nothing affects the PCB’s total cost and reliability as much as the initial design. Use our design tools to get it right from the start and avoid typical design mistakes.

PCB Design guidelines

Design guidelines for Multilayer PCB, HDI PCB, Ultra HDI PCB, Flex / Rigid-Flex PCBs, Semi-Flex PCB, Copper coin and Stackups and Impedances are available for download.

PCB Design tips

In our PCB design tips tool we have identified some common mistakes, the implications these may have on the finished PCB and how to avoid them.

PCB Design checklist

Before you start to produce your PCBs, use our PCB design checklist to make sure the critical areas of the design are covered.

PCB Cost drivers

What drives the cost of a circuit board? And how do those factors in turn impact the sustainability? To avoid large cost drivers we have developed a tool that can support you.

Sustainability reports

  • Annual and sustainbility report 2023 (In English)
  • Annual and sustainability report 2023 (In Swedish)

Certificates and verification

NCAB Group Code of Conduct

NCAB Group Policies



PCB design tools

For more advice about PCB design or applications of PCBs, we have different PCB tools that can be downloaded for free.