Soft cost drivers in PCB production

  That reason is whether your role is managerial, commercial or technical there is a good chance that you have an interest in ensuring that the printed circuit boards you are purchasing, designing or assembling are as efficient as they can be in terms of achieving what we see as the lowest total cost, without […]

Our way of conducting sustainability audits

  Here is our audit process, in brief: Normally it takes two days to complete the full sustainability audit, and one day to do the follow-up audit. Every audit is done on factory site in accordance with a detailed template comprised of six parts: Management System Human Rights Labour and Working Conditions Health and Safety […]

KTH Formula Student

Why is this project of interest for NCAB? “NCAB strive to fill up with new expertise in the field of technology and hence a broad recruitment base is needed. We want to attract all young people regardless of who you are and where you come from, both to encourage young people’s technological interest and at […]

Factory Management - our key to maximizing factory performance

[This blogpost is also available in German] Our Factory Management team have daily contact with the factories and our quality engineers are directly responsible for the factories’ performance, as well as for building relationships and working proactively with them to achieve improvements. We have talked to some of our Factory Management employees to hear their […]

Copper Coin PCBs – efficiency and reliability in thermal PCB management

The overall goal of thermal management at the bare board and assembly level is to move the heat away from the heat-generating components to an external heat sink for dissipation. Better heat transfer will usually translate to lower mean time between failures (MTBF) and at times will be a deciding factor at meeting product design […]

Why Your Standard PCB Fabrication Notes Needs Updating

I’ve noticed that our clients are understanding more and more that PCBs are the key component, but still have challenges communicating to their PCB suppliers what they want to build. When we receive Gerber files for an order there are times we cringe because we’re missing pieces of information necessary to make sure the PCB […]

The 5G networks are here

The transition to the new generation of mobile communications, 5G, has already begun in Asia and the United States. In this issue of our newsletter InFocus, we take a closer look at 5G in general and what the effect it will have on the PCB industry in particular.

NCAB acquires Bare Board Group in the US

NCAB has today signed an agreement to acquire 100 percent of the shares in the US-based company Bare Board Group (“BBG”) located in Largo, Florida, with offices in Canada and Taiwan.

Hard Cost Drivers in PCB production

Where do costs originate? Well, 80-90% of all costs are built into the project in a very early stage of the chain – before suppliers (EMS companies, PCB suppliers, etc.) have sight of the design. We always recommend involving your suppliers very early in the design stage. In order to tackle the subject. We have […]

Qualities of Medically Applied PCBs

[This blogpost is also available in German] In this blog post we will discuss the details of PCBs used in medical applications, highlighting some of the differences in terms of demands and how the design must be handled. We have seen electronics become increasingly significant in the medical field. Advancements in medical technology have provided […]

NCAB appoints Peter Kruk as new CEO

The Board of NCAB Group has today appointed Peter Kruk as new CEO. Peter Kruk will assume his new role at the latest in the beginning of October 2020. Hans Ståhl will remain as a Board member and will continue to be a large owner in NCAB.

NCAB Group year-end report 2019

Today, we have published our year-end report for 2019. The fourth quarter continued in line with the third in terms of sales, while order intake was weaker.

NCAB Group awarded top Employer of the Year

We are once again very proud to be awarded one of the top Employers of the Year in the Professional Services industry. This year we have climbed from 3rd to 2nd place! It is a pleasure to have such engaged employees in our company, who are everyday making a difference for our customers. The annual […]

Supply chain situation due to extended Chinese New Year / Corona virus

Current situation: China’s Central Government has extended the national Chinese New Year holiday for an extra three days, meaning that it will now end on February 2nd, however power has been given to local provinces to extend as they fit to minimize risk of spread with large scale public movement. For example, Guangdong, where majority […]

The Current Material Situation

Due to an increased demand for advanced materials to support the growth in 5G applications, many laminate manufacturers have increased the production and output of high-performance or high-speed material at the expense of standard performance materials. The current situation is having a negative effect on the supply of standard performance material (low-to-mid Tg). The consequence […]

Sustainable Operations – a strategic priority

Five years have passed since NCAB Group started to apply a sustainability strategy which introduced principles to ensure the company conducted its business in a sustainable fashion. This newsletter looks at the significance of that move for NCAB, its employees and customers.

NCAB Group acquires Altus-PCB in USA

Altus-PCB (“Altus”) is a full-service supplier of PCBs based in New Jersey, USA, that has a business model similar to NCAB’s. Altus has a high level of technical expertise and sells mainly to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Altus-PCB reported SEK 43 million in sales in 2018 with good profitability. It has six employees in the […]

Benjamin Klingenberg new Managing Director at NCAB Group Germany

Since October 2019, Benjamin Klingenberg is Managing Director at NCAB Group Germany and responsible for the DACH-Region. Benjamin Klingenberg has an extensive background in the electronics industry and deep knowledge about PCBs. After his apprenticeship as mechatronic technician, he joined different namable electronics companies – always with a focus on Asia and PCBs. He is […]

NCAB Group Interim report Q3 2019

Today, we have published our Interim report for the third quarter 2019. NCAB continues to grow even if the pace has slowed down. Order intake is still increasing at healthy levels and we noted a rise in gross margin and EBITA margin. Net sales increased 5% to SEK 439.8 million. EBITA was SEK 46.3 million, […]

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