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Welcome to NCAB Group webinars

NCAB Group offers a variety of webinars in different languages. Here you will find a list of the webinars we run at the moment.

The PCB material and pricing situation

 PCB supply outlook October 2021  Commodity prices generally stabilized in Q3, albeit at a high level. PCB raw material prices remained high, with increases observed post summer. Recent price pressure mainly reflects supply-demand mismatches resulting from post pandemic growth coupled with remaining material availability issues.  China manufacturing contracted in August, with both supply and demand […]

Restriction order of power supply affecting PCB production

The current electricity shortages are affecting manufacturers across virtually all mainland China, with up to 44% of China’s industrial activity affected with many factories introducing mandatory worker vacations to counter the stops in production.

Chinese New Year 2022 – time to prepare

The public Chinese New Year holiday 2022 is January 31st through to February 6th. As this is a national holiday it affects all production in China and Taiwan. We have made a list of a number of proactive measures to think about.

Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival & National Day 2021

The Chinese Mid-Autumn festival and National day are upcoming. Since these holidays affect production in China in various degrees, we always prepare action-plans together with our factories to find different ways of working around any disruptions.

Via Hole Design – a cautionary tale

Imagine you are a start-up company. You spent a year designing a product from start to finish. You have built the prototypes; there were some snags along the way but ultimately, the end product is perfect. You’re finally ready for volume production. Once you use multiple suppliers pricing out your bare board, you discover there’s […]

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