Together towards sustainable products

Quality first is one of our three company values and it guides our everyday decisions. Working together with both customers and factories, we produce high-quality PCBs in a sustainable way. In the product development phase, we engage with our customers to develop a sustainable design, and then select the best factory for each project.

One of our technicians holding a customer seminar.
In 2020, we hosted 82 webinars with 2370 participants, to support our customers and sustainable product development.

Long-term goal

To steer the sector in a green direction

Measurable goals

  • Top scores in customer satisfaction including sustainability.
  • Continuously reduce environmental footprint.

Actions and achievements 2020

  • High quality performance – 99.3% – continued developing our quality processes and performance to minimize scrap, waste and resources used
  • Rail shipments to more of our markets, supporting lower CO2 emission, volume carried by train still small but increased.
  • 82 webinars and 2370 participants  – Design for Manufacturing, Cost drivers, PCB technologies, Quality assurance – our technician sharing our knowledge and expertise to support sustainable product development
  • Launched of the Design-mistake-tool – supporting customers in the design phase
Next survey is scheduled for 2021.

Status December 2020

  • not started/far from achieved
  • on track
  • completed/achieved

For more information download our sustainability report.