Juntos en el camino de la sostenibilidad

Together towards sustainable products

Quality first is one of our three company values and it guides our everyday decisions. Working together with both customers and factories, we produce high-quality PCBs in a sustainable way. In the product development phase, we engage with our customers to develop a sustainable design, and then select the best factory for each project.

One of our technicians holding a customer seminar.
In 2020, we hosted 82 webinars with 2370 participants, to support our customers and sustainable product development.

Long-term goal

To steer the sector in a green direction

Measurable goals

  • Top scores in customer satisfaction including sustainability.
  • Continuously reduce environmental footprint.

Actions and achievements 2020

  • High quality performance – 99.3% – continued developing our quality processes and performance to minimize scrap, waste and resources used
  • Rail shipments to more of our markets, supporting lower CO2 emission, volume carried by train still small but increased.
  • 82 webinars and 2370 participants  – Design for Manufacturing, Cost drivers, PCB technologies, Quality assurance – our technician sharing our knowledge and expertise to support sustainable product development
  • Launched of the Design-mistake-tool – supporting customers in the design phase
Next survey is scheduled for 2021.

Status December 2020

  • not started/far from achieved
  • on track
  • completed/achieved

For more information download our sustainability report.