Nuestros valores

Los valores de NCAB Group han sido desarrollados conjuntamente por todos nuestros empleados. Los valores se han creado partiendo de la base de que cualquier empleado, independientemente de su posición, debe ser capaz de tomar sus propias decisiones de acuerdo a la estrategia de la empresa. Esto simplifica la toma de responsabilidad a todos los niveles y nos proporciona una forma eficiente de trabajar; aprendemos de los demás y no es necesario crear nuevos procesos cuando ya existen rutinas de trabajo comunes al resto de la empresa.

Quality first. Always

We know that delivery on time with zero defects is what our customers value most of all. Our approach includes long-term thinking and shows how cost, quality and environmental issues go hand in hand. We are also continuously working on improving our performance, with the help of clear and defined goals and following-up all our actions and decisions. All the hard work we do add up to the level of quality we finally deliver. No more, no less.

Strong relationships makes the difference

We believe that business is done between humans, not companies nor divisions or functions. Therefore we think it is important to actually know and have strong relationships with the individuals we work and interact with; customers, colleagues or factories. We believe that working in this way is crucial to achieve high quality and sustainable production. We are convinced that a transparent and honest approach builds a strong relationship, which in turn builds honesty, loyalty and trust.

Full responsibility. Easy to say. Harder to deliver

We know that the PCB is a critical key component for our customers. And we know for sure that anything can happen during that complex production process. And it often does. In our world, taking full responsibility means a lot of things including a responsible and sustainable approach in everything we do – socially, environmentally and ethically. When a problem occurs we try as hard as we can to understand the problem and find a solution. Our mindset is that we own the problem and don’t leave until our desks are empty.