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Year-end report 2022

We remain confident about the future. We have a strong financial position, an excellent result and good cash flow. Most of our customers are positive about their order situation and future growth opportunities. We have a good mix of countries, regions and industries and generally speaking, low market shares.

Current supply chain situation in China

During the December and January time period, we have seen across our factories an infection rate of 75% to 95%. The vast majority of employees have recovered and we are now seeing attendance levels of 95% on average, noting that in some instances we see lower and in others we have full staffing levels.

Current supply chain situation in China

We are seeing China change its policies relating to how they handle COVID. This change is leading to a rapid increase in infection rates and we are seeing in China, now, changes in rates that the rest of the world experienced during 2020.

La norme EN 45545-2 appliquée aux circuits imprimés

A l’échelle européenne, la norme EN 45545-2 (Protection contre les incendies dans les véhicules ferroviaires) plus communément appelée Feu/Fumée, doit s’appliquer. Cette norme cohabite encore avec des référentiels propres à chaque pays.

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