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Seminars & webinars about the world of PCBs

NCAB Group runs a variety of different seminars & webinars. The purpose of them is to improve quality, reliability and cost by optimizing the design to suit the production processes. All seminars and webinars can also be tailor-made to fit customer’s particular needs. Our seminars can also be provided as webinars where you can attend virtually from anywhere. Keep an eye in our channels for information about the local and global webinars we will be offering.  

Up coming webinars

Stack-up and impedance, 26 June
In Italian

Mario Cianfriglia | NCAB Group Italy
Mario Cianfriglia, Senior Field Application Engineer

Some of our topics

Emerging technologies
An overview of the technical challenges, industry expectations and new trends that are influencing PCB production.

How to produce a printed circuit board
An in-depth description on how to produce a standard PCB.

Cost drivers in PCB production
We show what is driving the “cost” of the PCB, how designers can influence cost and how to optimize cost without compromising reliability, through engagement at the design stage.

Surface finishes
The pros and cons of the most common surface finishes. The seminar also covers handling and storage rules.

HDI – High Density Interconnect
What are the types of HDI constructions? What are the benefits and how can one optimize the design? Material recommendations and cost factors are also included.

IMS – Insulated Metal Substrate
Thermal management, how to calculate and design IMS boards. What alternatives are there to IMS boards?

The types of Flex PCBs – flex, rigid-flex, and semi flex
From material selection to construction types and design guidance – an in depth review covering flex, rigid flex and semi flex.

NCAB Group Specification
NCAB explains why we have developed our own detailed specification and product demands that build in quality and ensures reliability of the PCBs we provide.

Introduction to High Speed
What is high speed and how do we control signal speeds? A look at materials, applications and good practice for designing high speed PCBs.

Impedance controlled boards
What is impedance? Different types of impedance controlled tracks. How does the tolerances affect the impedance?

DFM – Design for manufacturing
This seminar describes how to avoid costly production, problems with Gerber packages and why NCAB asks you so many technical questions!

DFx – Design for eXcellence
The follow on to DFM, covering the other elements that drive application and consideration of design rules, reliability and manufacturability for both production and assembly of the PCB, whilst reducing total cost.

Via plugging
What is it and what options are out there. This presentations looks and the pros and cons of all options and defines the NCAB solutions that we recommend depending upon the application and technology.

IPC vs. Perfag
What do the different standards mean in reality? How do I use them? What is the difference between IPC and Perfag?

IPC class 3 – how to specify the boards?
Verification at product level vs. verification of process control. Presentation of the NCAB Group solution.

Material for lead-free production
Other materials available where we present our experiences of lead free production and identify the risks. What do abbreviations like Td, Tg, CTE, CTI all mean? What is important for me as a designer? How to choose and specify the material.

Technical advice
We look at what other materials are available. We also present and discuss risks associated with delaminating, laser marking, lead-free soldering, unsuitable surface finishes, inadequate PCB specifications, etc.

NCAB Group Laboratory
What can be carried out in our Laboratory?
How do we carry out continuous technical improvements.

Industry sectors we serve
Gain an understanding of the requirements, challenges, industry standards, certifications, and factors that should be considered when producing PCBs for industries we serve such as Defense, Railway, Safety Critical, and more. We showcase our expertise, experience, and competency to assist in your product development regardless of industry or application.

For more information and to book a seminar please contact your local NCAB Group Key Account Manager or Customer Support.