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NCAB satisfies our customer’s needs in the U.S and Canada by providing local support with our extensive network of over 40 knowledgeable Sales Reps, managed by our National and Region Sales Managers.


Group Functions

NCAB Group USA inc.
10 Starwood Drive,
Hampstead, NH 03841

Phone: +1 603 329 4551
Toll free: +1 800 370 2737

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Northeast Division

10 Starwood Drive,
Hampstead, NH 03841

Phone: +1 603 329 4551
Toll free: +1 800 370 2737
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Tristate Division

NCAB Group USA-Altus PCB
45 Legion Drive
Cresskill, NJ 07626

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North Central Division

1300 Norwood Avenue
Itasca, IL 60143

Phone: +1 630-562-5550
Fax: +1 630-562-2430
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Southeast Division

NCAB Group USA-Bare Board Group
8565B Somerset Drive
Largo, FL 33773

Taiwan  – Bare Board Group division

Meet the USA - Southeast Division team

  • Armanda Duross

    Armanda Duross

    Inside Sales
    Direct +1 727-373-3818
  • Charlene Niola

    Charlene Niola

    Data Entry
    Direct +1 727-373-3812
  • Connie Leuz

    Connie Leuz

    Data Entry
    Direct +1 727-373-3811
  • David E Duross JR

    David E Duross JR

    Engineering Director / QA Manager / ITAR Compliance Officer
    Direct +1 727-373-3808
    Mobile +1 727-512-1544
  • Heather Swiger

    Heather Swiger

    Accounting Associate
    Direct +1 727-373-3805
  • Leah M Johnson

    Leah M Johnson

    Accounting Associate
    Direct +1 727-373-3817
  • Marie Hill

    Marie Hill

    Inside sales supervisor
    Direct +1 727-373-3809
    Mobile +1 727/612-8191
  • Mettha Joe Vongsanga

    Mettha Joe Vongsanga

    Warehouse Associate
  • Mohammed Saleh

    Mohammed Saleh

    Inside sales supervisor
    Direct +1 727-373-3807
    Mobile +1 813/992-5858
  • Diane N Vuu

    Diane N Vuu

    Accounting Manager
    Direct +1 727-373-3804
  • Raquel Lopez-Escobar

    Raquel Lopez-Escobar

    Inside Sales
    Direct +1 727-373-3806
    Mobile +1 727/240-9457
  • Richard Turnbull

    Richard Turnbull

    Account Manager
    Direct +1 727-373-3810
    Mobile +1 727-519-3062
  • Eddie L. Reece III

    Eddie L. Reece III

    Account Manager
    Mobile 321-277-8696
  • Tom Summers

    Tom Summers

    Inside Sales
    Direct +1 727-549-2200 x.3816
  • Troy Gornall

    Troy Gornall

    Warehouse Manager
    Direct +1 727-373-3813
  • Karen Garrod

    Karen Garrod

    Administrative Assistant
    Direct +1 727-549-2200
    Mobile +1 727-470-3445
  • Greg Meindl

    Greg Meindl

    Director of Sales
    Mobile +1 847/980-0671
  • David Cline

    David Cline

    Production Coordinator and Expeditor
    Direct +1 727-549-2200 Ext. 3820
  • Ping Li

    Ping Li

    Account Manager
    Direct +1 727/373-3802, +1 416-493-3448
  • Ramon Antonio Roche

    Ramon Antonio Roche

    Field Application Engineer
    Direct +1 414 779 1633
  • Albert Huei-Kuei Hsu

    Albert Huei-Kuei Hsu

    Quality Manager, Taiwan
    Direct +886-3-3585202
  • Amy Hsiu-Lun Ho

    Amy Hsiu-Lun Ho

    Quality Inspection/CIS, Taiwan
    Direct +886-3-3585202
  • Sam Teng-He Yu

    Sam Teng-He Yu

    Inspection/CIT, Taiwan
    Direct +886-3-3585202
  • Sammi Hui-Jou Yang

    Sammi Hui-Jou Yang

    Quality Inspection/CIS, Taiwan
    Direct +886-3-3585202
  • Debby Ya-Yin Pan

    Debby Ya-Yin Pan

    Quality Inspection/CIS, Taiwan
    Direct +886-3-3585202
  • Randy Chang-Sheng Wu

    Randy Chang-Sheng Wu

    Quality Inspection/CIS, Taiwan
    Direct +886-3-3585202
  • Kelsen Wei-Ming Liu

    Kelsen Wei-Ming Liu

    Director of Operations, Taiwan
    Direct +886-3-3585202
  • Mandy Chiao-Hui Su

    Mandy Chiao-Hui Su

    Customer Service, Taiwan
  • Cathy Jie Jiang

    Cathy Jie Jiang

    Customer Support, Taiwan
    Direct +886-3-3585202
  • Ning Tzu-Ning Chou

    Ning Tzu-Ning Chou

    Customer Support, Taiwan
    Direct +886-3-3585202
  • Konny Yi-Chi Wu

    Konny Yi-Chi Wu

    Inside Sales, Taiwan
    Direct +886-3-3585202

West Division

337 N. Vineyard Ave., Suite 400
Ontario, CA 91764

Phone:+1 800 370 2737
Send RFQs to:

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South Central Division

433 E. Las Colinas Blvd. Ste. 775
Irving, TX 75039

Send RFQs to:

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The United States has promulgated laws and regulations governing the release, sale and shipment of export controlled products and technical data to foreign persons. NCAB Group USA is committed to fully comply with those laws and regulations. Access to NCAB Group USA’s export controlled products or technical data may require an export license pursuant to the laws and regulations of the United States.

To avoid an inadvertent export violation due to the exchange of information regarding export controlled products or technical data, NCAB Group USA requires that all correspondence regarding NCAB Group USA products must be sent to the following email address, Your email inquiry or purchase order will be directed to the proper department or person within NCAB Group USA.