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Civilian Air traffic is in transformation on fuel sources, powertrains and efficiency, where one of the challenges is meeting long-term sustainability goals. Other challenges are developing a higher level of security with increasing air traffic, new digital and human threats in a world of fast digital transformation. Please see below for a selection of applications we serve.

  • Aircraft transponder

    PCBs for transmitting and receiving signals (XPDR), identfying the individual aircraft. Demands are high reliability and safety critical function, IPC Class 3 and AS9100 standard.

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  • Civil aviation

    PCBs for engine, hydraulic, motion and actuator controls, power distribution, sensors and communication systems. These are the functions that keep us safe in the air. Climate, lightning and entertainment equipment systems gives us comfort in the cabin. Demands are typically IPC Class 3, ISO/AS 9100.

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  • Radar

    PCBs for radar applications: naval, satellite, defense, aerospace, aircraft, microwave antennas and associated signal transmission systems. Demands are signal integrity, high-speed computing and thermal management.

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  • Space equipment

    PCBs for high radiation (HI RAD), requires materials as teflon or polyamid for withstanding extreme surrounding temperatures. Demands are rugged and well tested PCB-solutions. Standards are typically IPC 6012DS, ECSS-Q-ST-70-60C and AS9100.

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