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What is a PCB?

What is a PCB?

A PCB is built by non-conductive materials such as fiberglass or epoxy and has conductive pathways etched or printed onto its surface.
PCB solder mask | NCAb Group

PCB Solder mask

Learn about the complexities of PCB solder mask and equip you with essential insights for your manufacturing endeavours.
History of PCBs | NCAB Group

The history of PCBs

Learn about the history of PCBs - to understand its value, and how much it has evolved throughout time.
PCB bow and twist | NCAB Group

PCB Bow and Twist: Challenges, Causes, and Solutions

Bow and twist are two types of deformations that can occur in the PCB. Bow refers to there being an upward or a downward curve in the middle part of the PCB. Twist refers to there being one corner higher or lower than the other corners of the board.
Fire detection | NCAB Group

Reliable PCBs for Fire Safety applications

For desired reliability in PCBs for the fire safety industry, you need robust design, get maximum performance out of factories, and, go beyond IPC Class 2 requirements in your PCB specification.

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