Complaints Handling

Rapid and decisive complaint management

In the event of delivery delay, our immediate focus is on problem solving to enable production start up, and then implementation of future preventative & corrective actions.

Chart – type of defect

The chart shows type of defects as a percentage of the total number of defects.

1. Analysis of cause of defect
We confirm receipt of the complaint immediately. A dedicated local specialist, responsible for managing complaints will liase closely with you. Rapid analysis in the NCAB Group’s lab will follow. The NCAB Group’s specialists can be at the factory within two hours if necessary.
2. Decision in consultation with the customer
New PCBs will be produced; depending on how urgent the delivery is, we can use a factory with a shorter lead time. When required, we can remake or sometime arrange for repair of defective PCBs.
3. Corrective Action Report
The customer receives a Corrective Action Report (CAR). The corrective action at the factory is followed up monthly to prevent the fault arising again.
4. Compensation
For detailed information, please see the NCAB Group General Conditions. NCAB Group accepts full liability and compensates the customer with a sum equal to no more than twice the price of the PCB, unless otherwise agreed.