Order Preparation

When you issue an order for a new part number, your local NCAB Group company works with the factory to ensure that your PCB artwork is created without error. Our technicians can execute full DRC and DFM checks to resolve issues and avoid unnecessary delay.

Åsa Nilsson, Key Account Manager NCAB Group Sweden and Magnus Jacobsson, IT/System Manager NCAB Group in a meeting with Jack Kei, Managing Director NCAB Group China.

30% of all Gerber files have faults

More than 30% of the gerber data packs we receive do have some issues, generally, ambiguous information, errors, design rule conflicts, missing information and contradictions between the data and specifications.

With product and customer knowledge, our local technicians resolve many of these issues quickly, but also work closely with the factories to ensure all problems are resolved before production commences, thus reducing delays and potential additional cost.

No change of factory without discussion

All information is saved and we maintain a complete history for each part number. This gives full traceability and enables any part number to be up-issued or transferred securely. Any changes in production facility are only ever done with customer’s written agreement.