Quality Policy

NCAB Group´s goal is to create added value for you as a customer. We strive to always deliver the right product at the right time and at the right price. We achieve this by working closely with both our customers and our factories.

We will always find and eliminate all types of problems before they arise:

  • We carry out continuous customer satisfaction evaluations. The information collected is used to plan measures to improve our processes.
  • Through our management system, we assess, adapt and develop continuously, all work carried out by the NCAB Group.


Environmental Policy

Our Environmental Policy defines NCAB Group´s approach to:

  • Improving the global environment.
  • Protection of human rights.

We carry out the following work:

  • We assess, check and evaluate our factories to ensure that they consistently strive to safeguard human rights and maintain environmental standards that comply with regional laws.
  • We always take environmental issues into account when we choose new factories and shipping partners.
  • We offer seminars to bring our customers up to date with new regulations and provide guidance on selecting the best material for a specific solution as well as offering advise during the design stage.