2019 04 16  |  NEWS

NCAB Group Sustainability report 2018

This is our fifth sustainability report and it summarizes what we have achieved so far, focusing on year 2018, and our way forward.

The NCAB Group Sustainability report 2018

Our vision is to be “The number 1 PCB producer wherever we are”. In 2018, we continued our challenging and important sustainability journey together with our customers, factories and employees.

Here are some examples of our actions and achievements during that year:

  • 100% sustainability audited main factories
  • Excellence in Sustainability Electronics Industry Awards in UK
  • Released Design Guidelines for flex and rigid-flex technologies
  • Global Conference for Sustainable Business
  • ISO 26000 verification audit
  • 93 score for sustainability in customer satisfaction survey
  • 119 technical and 10 sustainability seminars for customers


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