High demands always gets us to strive for PCB perfection

by NCAB Group China,

Last weekend, I was at the local home improvement store, looking for a new parasol – it has for sure been a great and warm summer in Sweden, and occasionally a little protection from the sun is needed. On my way out I stumbled upon this old Mercedes, a 300D, mid 70s, more or less in mint condition! I praised the owner telling him how great his car looked, and his immediate response was; “well, not now, but I’m currently on vacation from my work as a tinsmith so I will spend some time to get it in better condition”. This is a behavior and mindset that really fascinates and inspires me!

PCB perfection
From my perspective he had already done a great job, the car looked new both on the in- and outside, but the owner still believed it could be better. Good is not enough, there are always improvements to be made. Somehow this is something I see very often in our office. We sometimes have hard discussions on different work methods or correct way of doing things, which many times leads back to very high demands on ourselves. More than once I have heard colleagues say that “I will not leave this from me until it is 100% correct” or “sure it might work, but we do not want to supply something that only might work, it has to be perfect”. From a management perspective, I need to make sure that we use our resources efficiently, and not hinder ourselves to do good business by digging into to much details. But the devil is in the details, and this is why our customers want to work with us, this is why we’re not like everybody else.

Although challenging at times, there are more rewarding opportunities than the opposite, seeing a low claim rate and every year satisfied ustomers in our customer surveys. Talking about the customer surveys, the same behavior comes back. We are very proud over our high scores, and we like our customers feedback in the 3rd party survey. And when we do the follow-up, it is much more focus on the lowest grades, not the highest. The high ranks are great to hear, and we share this information with the teams. However, when we’ve stated that, we move over to the lower grades. What could we do better? And when you talk to a NCAB Group perspective next time, you might hear a lot of questions even on a simple inquiry. Because we always want to do a little better than last time.

We want to make sure you get a result you are satisfied with every time, not only for this call! And we will continue to ask questions to you, it is simply in our blood. With more information from you, we can learn and understand how we can best fulfill your needs. This inspires us to do even better work in the future, as there’s nothing more rewarding than a happy customer.