2014 02 28  |  BLOG

The world is running faster, or is it really?

At a couple of times, I have been involved in projects around our future. Sometimes as pure future scannings and sometimes as more rigid future strategy projects. We constantly say that the world is spinning faster and faster, and that we all then must run equally faster, but is this really the truth?


We know for sure that information is travelling faster, and thanks to this, the world has become a little smaller. We can communicate with all different parts of the world in real-time and we can send goods pretty quick between regions. But looking in a longer perspective - is it really that much faster today, than it was 5 years ago? And already then, we knew that 'As much time as we've got today, we will never have again in the future'. This leaves room for several thoughts on what's important. If I value time preciously (and I believe there are some of us that actually do) then what will I have to do, to gain more time? Or at least get the feeling that I am in control over my time?

Many organizations are limiting their people by setting targets that are not always in line with either personal or the companys long term goals. BUT - they are easy to measure on a short term perspective. And for many people as well as organizations the measurement of key performance indicators are really important. However, when these limiters actually are contra productive against the long term goals, then we need to help each other set them straight. What good is the lower price if we get field claims? What good is the continued chase of quick responses if we never use the information as quick as we demand it?

For any long term partnership, and this I believe goes not only for corporations, but also within personal relationships, we need to look at the full package. What do I appreciate with this partner? In which way can I contribute to make both me and my partner satisfied and happy?

I can not respond to all possible outcomes of that discussion of course. I do, however, believe that for a long term partnership, may it be customer, supplier or spouse, it is important to look on what feels best for me. Is it the feeling of trust, that I know I don't have to worry about the quality of the next delivery. Or maybe the feeling of confidence that my orders will be delivered on time?

Some people say NCAB Group do not sell pcb's, we sell tranquility. Meaning that the well proven business model, with local offices close to customers, local factory management at the factories and constant continued improvement mindset creates an environment where the customer can focus on other stuff, as the pcb’s will go seamless through the entire process, as soon as I release my order.

For me, this might create a vision of a faster world, but as I engage in partners that I like and rely on, I am not stressed. I am feeling confident and happy every day.

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