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Some people might not find printed circuit boards as cool as we do, and some might even stop listening when you try to explain how great these green little things are. To help you become the life of the party, we asked some of our biggest PCB enthusiasts what they say when they get the question “What is a PCB?”

Michael Larsson
VP Sales, Group Function

How would you describe a PCB to a child?
It’s flat and often green, with a lot of small holes. You almost never see it, but it helps you get to soccer practice, keeps your ice cream cold and your Snapchat functioning. It make all the difference for you, so we make it good.
How would you describe a PCB in the coolest way possible?
When you open up your eyes in the morning you are set to experience the sweetness of an unsung hero, involved in so many aspects of your life – the water you drink to rehydrate, the hot water in your shower, and even the oh so needed morning coffee. All of this is relying on a single, but so important device.
This device is a small, flat piece of fiberglass, covered in tiny wires. We call it a Printed Circuit Board. You are using it right now – it’s behind the screen on which you read this.
Life is good, but even better with good PCBs.
From NCAB with love and care!


Jeffrey Beauchamp
Quote Engineer, NCAB Group USA

How would you describe a PCB to a child?
PCBs make your toys as much fun as your imagination. They are the part of everything that brings your toys to life. Without them, we would be cavemen.
How would you describe a PCB in the coolest way possible?
A PCB is part of everything in our lives. It is the conductor to the symphony that is every electronic device. Without the PCB, nothing would function.

Veronica Frisk
PCB Engineer, NCAB Group Sweden

How would you describe a PCB to a child?
The PCB sends out signals, just like the heart pumps around blood in your body.
How would you describe a PCB in the coolest way possible?
The PCB is the green heart of all electronics. Without it, the world will stop.

Martin Magnusson
President, NCAB Group USA

How would you describe a PCB in the coolest way possible?
Have you ever been in space, in the cockpit of a plane, stopped a train, or saved a life? Me neither, but the products in which our products end up have done all of this. PCBs is not just a green plate, it is a pacemaker, a control system for trains and airplanes, and much more.
We hope this has inspired you to make great future conversations.
Peace, love and PCBs!

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