The 5G networks are here

The transition to the new generation of mobile communications, 5G, has already begun in Asia and the United States. In this issue of our newsletter InFocus, we take a closer look at 5G in general and what the effect it will have on the PCB industry in particular.

Sustainable Operations – a strategic priority

Five years have passed since NCAB Group started to apply a sustainability strategy which introduced principles to ensure the company conducted its business in a sustainable fashion. This newsletter looks at the significance of that move for NCAB, its employees and customers.

The electronics industry in Europe – Yesterday, today and tomorrow

NCAB has a presence in many major markets across Europe. So, in this issue of our newsletter, we will be focusing on the electronics industry in Europe. We will be tracing developments to date and looking ahead to developments going forward. We asked Jon Barrett, chief editor of the electronic magazine Electronic Sourcing, to share […]

A better future – when technology contributes towards a sustainable society

Technology and electronics are often associated with overconsumption, ever increasing electronic waste and a detrimental impact on the environment. But today we are seeing that advancements in technology are also contributing towards building a more sustainable, resource efficient society for the future. DOWNLOAD PDF (ENGLISH UK VERSION) » DOWNLOAD PDF (ENGLISH US VERSION) » NEWSLETTER […]

Factory management – how to get the optimum out of a PCB factory

NCAB Group has a strong presence in China. This to ensure their production is geared towards producing the best possible quality PCBs. The task is extensive and many faceted, includes being present in the factories, having dedicated NCAB focused teams among factory staff and carrying out regular audits and other follow-ups. DOWNLOAD PDF (ENGLISH UK […]

Sustainable business - at every stage

The NCAB Group has embraced a sustainability strategy since 2014, this means that they have seen the company commit to a responsible approach in every aspect of its operations - socially, environmentally and ethically.

The PCB Industry in Asia – what does the future look like?

In this issue, we look more closely at the PCB manufacturing industry and its development in different countries and regions in Asia. Historically, China has been dominant and is still so now, but the industry is also seeing growth elsewhere. We reflect on the way it is developing and present NCAB Group’s view of where […]

Engagement and competence development in focus

Investing in one’s employees is not just about being an attractive employer. For a knowledge-based company like NCAB, commitment and competence are key prerequisites for success and must always be kept at their peak. If you fall short on those fronts, you will be unable to create value for customers. DOWNLOAD PDF (ENGLISH UK VERSION) […]

Future strategy – preparing for the unforeseeable

What lies round the corner? It is of course impossible for anyone to know with absolute certainty, however it’s important for businesses to examine their environment in detail in search of likely future developments. To gain inspiration and tips on what can be worth including in such an analysis, we turned to the NCAB Group’s […]

Working closely with the factory – key to a successful result

Anyone can buy PCBs in China, but how do you attain the right quality at the lowest total cost? NCAB Group has long taken full responsibility for the quality and delivery reliability, while customers benefit from the company’s strong and extensive purchasing power. But how does NCAB use its local presence in China to realise […]

China´s economy –Where is it heading?

Economic growth in China has slowed down and we have seen dramatic stock market losses and shifts in exchange rate policy. Since a large part of NCAB’s manufacturing is in China, we are, in this edition, focusing our attention on what is happening with the Chinese economy. DOWNLOAD PDF (ENGLISH) » NEWSLETTER IN OTHER LANGUAGES […]

UL Approval – How to guarantee PCBs

Security is key in the electronics industry. It is vital that users can rely on the finished products when considering factors such as fire and electrical safety, which means that both the PCB and the materials they contain must measure up to the highest standards. To ensure that the boards do conform, it has become […]

Transition to outsource – a recipe for higher quality at a lower cost

Prejudice says that the acquisition of printed circuit boards in Asia involves risks in terms of quality and delivery reliability. We tell the story of a company that has found that the outsource production of printed circuit boards, correctly managed, actually offers a way to improve quality and the reliability of their deliveries. At the […]

Purchasing PCBs – How to do it successfully

How do you go about purchasing reliable and durable PCBs at the lowest possible cost? A key success factor is to provide the prospective suppliers with accurate and clear specifications, and to keep a close eye on the quality of the boards once they are in production. This in turn requires the parties involved to […]

9 key topics for the PCB market

Our newsletters are published four times a year and they are an effective way to spread and share the collective knowledge that we have within the NCAB Group. Today, these newsletter are published in 10 languages and reach approximately 40 markets and 3000 customers worldwide. We are constantly striving to keep both a technical and […]

Sustainable business - A winning formula for the future

By taking a firm and comprehensive grip on its sustainability work, the NCAB Group is declaring its intention to assume responsibility for the social and environmental consequences of its operations. It also encompasses a desire to hand over a healthy world to future generations, but NCAB’s management also maintains that it is good for business. […]

High-tech PCBs - Make the right choice from design to volume production

Modern electronic products are expected to offer more and more advanced functions, while the products themselves are becoming smaller and smaller. This puts greater demands on the PCB design and also the aspects relating to the PCB manufacturing process. There are two key factors for the successful production of high quality advanced PCBs; firstly, making […]

Looking ahead with NCAB’s Market Watch

The NCAB Group continuously maps events on the PCB market. Its findings are compiled and presented in the quarterly NCAB Group Market Watch report, used both internally, within the organisation and also made available to NCAB’s customers. DOWNLOAD PDF (ENGLISH) » NEWSLETTER IN OTHER LANGUAGES Chinese Dansk Deutsch Español Français Polski Русский Suomeksi Svenska

NCAB Group Production Insight Trips – An opportunity to broaden your competence

Every year, NCAB group invites a number of its customers to participate in a Production Insight Trip to the city of Shenzhen in China. As the name suggests, these trips are designed to give participants a broad and practical understanding of the PCB manufacturing process and of NCAB’s operations in China. The programme comprises visits […]

The Components Industry - Dictated by Customer needs

Developments within the components industry are of course of crucial importance for the PCB industry, but they also have implications for the future of the Electronics industry as a whole. In order to get a picture of how developments in the components industry is progressing, we turned to Anders Pettersson, Technical Marketing Manager at ST […]