Employees – Unique culture and high engagement

As a knowledge based company, it is our employees who make us successful and are our greatest competitive advantage. Our high engagement rate indicates that our people like what we offer – a unique culture and a stimulating global environment, as well as considerable possibilities for continuous learning and development.

The NCAB Group Global introduction is held for all new employees at the Head office in Sweden. The main focus is on team building, our values and business ethics.

Long Term Goal
  • Attract, keep and develop the best people.
  • Top scores in employee satisfaction and engagement.

    • Conducted our third Employee Engagement Survey (March 2019) with excellent result
    • Competence development focus on leadership, sales, customer support and technical expertise
    • Launched the NCAB Give Back Day
    • Launched a new career step Global Account Manager
    • Global conference for relationship building, inspirations and reaffirming our company culture and values

Status December 2018

  • not started/far from reached
  • on track
  • completed/reached

For us to remain a top-tier performing company, it is essential that everyone who works at NCAB Group is motivated and engaged. Our long-term goal is to attract, keep and develop the best people. We want to offer a stimulating and challenging work environment, respecting and including every individual.

To do this we have to maintain an open dialogue, providing the basis for good rapport between our co-workers, and a workplace where everyone develops, is engaged and takes pride in their work. Areas we work with are:

  • Value based leadership and innovation
  • Employee health and satisfaction
  • Training and competence development
  • Equal opportunities
  • Ethics

For more information, download the NCAB Group Sustainability Report.