Employees: Engagement and competence development in focus

For us to remain a top-tier performing company, it is essential that everyone who works at NCAB Group is motivated and engaged. Our long-term goal is to attract, keep and develop the best employees. We want to offer a stimulating and challenging work environment, respecting and including every individual.

To do this we have to maintain an open dialogue, providing the basis for good rapport between our co-workers, and a workplace where everyone develops, is engaged and takes pride in their work. Areas we work with are:

  • Value based leadership and innovation
  • Employee health and satisfaction
  • Training and competence development
  • Equal opportunities
  • Ethics
  • Anti-corruption
Long Term Goal
  • Attract, keep and develop the best people.
  • Top scores in employee satisfaction and engagement.
    ACTIONS 2016
    • Conducted our first employee satisfaction survey. Result:
      Engagement Index: 86 (bench 77).
      Team Efficiency Index: 78 (bench 72). Leadership Index: 81 (bench 73)
    • Improvements based on the result of the survey.
    • Focused on employee competence development, specifically sales and management.
    • Continued implementing our Human Resource strategy.
    • Follow the improvement plans based on the survey result. Targets 2017: Engagement Index: 87.
      Team Efficiency Index: 80.
      Leadership Index: 82
    • Continue working with activities for an inclusive culture.
    • Implement an Human Resource-system to keep track of competence levels, training and development.

*Status December 2016

  • not started/far from reached
  • on track
  • completed/on track

For more information, download the NCAB Group Sustainability Report.