The changing world of PCBs

A number of predominant technical trends are today driving the applications in which PCBs are used. We asked NCAB Group's Chief Operating Officer Chris Nuttall how he views these developments and their impact they may have on the PCB industry.

The road to sustainable operations

Many businesses and organizations around the world claim that they are striving to achieve sustainability. But what is sustainability work all about in practice and how can businesses get to a point where they are making a real difference?

The 5G networks are here

The transition to the new generation of mobile communications, 5G, has already begun in Asia and the United States. In this issue of our newsletter InFocus, we take a closer look at 5G in general and what the effect it will have on the PCB industry in particular.

Sustainable Operations – a strategic priority

Five years have passed since NCAB Group started to apply a sustainability strategy which introduced principles to ensure the company conducted its business in a sustainable fashion. This newsletter looks at the significance of that move for NCAB, its employees and customers.

The electronics industry in Europe – Yesterday, today and tomorrow

NCAB has a presence in many major markets across Europe. So, in this issue of our newsletter, we will be focusing on the electronics industry in Europe. We will be tracing developments to date and looking ahead to developments going forward. We asked Jon Barrett, chief editor of the electronic magazine Electronic Sourcing, to share […]

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