Seamless production

Traditionally, it is the customer who has taken responsibility for ensuring products migrate from prototype to volume seamlessly. If there is a “gap” identified between the two products, typically, it has been the customer who accepts the associated costs and delays. Why?

Mind the gap
NCAB Group Seamless Production bridges the gap between volume and prototype production by aiming for better PCB designs, stable production, improved yields and shorter Time to Market. This way of working is applicable at all stages, from design, prototypes through to volume production. NCAB Group delivers Seamless Production – PCBs at the lowest total cost.

  • Prototype cost drivers are not always optimal for volume production
  • Disconnect between prototype and volume producer leads to an inefficient process and increases TTM
  • There are often differences between the technology capabilities of the prototype and volume factory. With the prototype being purchased first, such aspects can be incorporated into the design.
  • Gap = additional resource to solve = more questions = redesign? = delay = higher total cost

The aim of this process is to share our knowledge of volume production and our technical competence at the design stage, utilizing the many options available in our supply chain. The advice we provide benefits the design at every stage, reduces risk and the potential cost and time of product redesign after volume production has started.


Seamless production graph

Areas where we can offer good design advice covering the full life cycle are:

  • Panalization vs. build vs. material vs. best practice
  • Functionality vs. technology and capability
  • Design and commercial DFM at concept stage
  • Design guidelines for designers
  • Material considerations
  • Copper thickness – what is really needed vs. specification and industry standard
  • Yield improvements